Canon Pixma MP150 Driver For Windows

Canon Pixma MP150 Driver For Windows
Canon Pixma MP150 Driver For Windows

Canon Pixma MP150 Driver For Windows

MP150 gives output quite satisfied. More than half of the text is easily readable font on 5 points, with some clearly visible even at 4. Only two very stylized fonts required for printing at 12 points for readability. However, the text does not have the crispness, which will keep me from using MP150 when I have to put my best foot forward, as for the resume. The graphics look good, but only if you live far from the thin line, which tends to disappear. Also avoid printing full page graphic, which can make the paper curl.

My photos are printed generally qualify as a true photo quality, but the colors are particularly punchy  something that some people like and others do not-and monochrome photos in our tests show different colors. One nice touch is that the photo is fully water resistant. In fact, I hold one under water while rubbing and do no harm to be seen.

In most ways, MP150 is the match near the Dell Photo all-in-one 924, which is slightly cheaper, a little faster, and offers the same quality of output. But Dell's Output is not much water resistant. If you care about the photos you print, it's one of the features make the Canon Pixma MP150 slightly slower Printing worth the wait

System requirements
Windows 8.1(32bit)
Windows 8.1(64bit)
Windows 8(32bit)
Windows 8(64bit)
Windows 7(32bit)
Windows 7(64bit)
Windows Vista SP1 or later(32bit)
Windows Vista SP1 or later(64bit)
Windows XP SP3 or later

Canon Pixma MP150 Driver For Windows


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